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Thermography is a proven method for detecting thermal leaks in buildings or faults in technical systems. Commonly, the temperature distribution is shown in a so-called false color image. vaireco GmbH brings thermography to large areas and into the 3D world.

Thermografie Gebäude

Building - thermography

With the help of thermography, heat losses in buildings can be examined. After a corresponding renovation, heating costs can be saved. The method is also used to detect other structural damage, such as moisture analysis.

PV systems - inspection

Thermography makes electrical faults in photovoltaic systems visible. This enables weak points such as open strings, module errors, cell errors or even effects such as PID (Potential Induced Degradation) to be detected in a very efficient way. After a repair, the energy yield of your system can be increased.

Thermografie Photovoltaikanlagen

3D thermography

3D thermography can be used for more precise analysis of buildings (facade and roof) as well as technical systems.


You can evaluate and measure the 3D model in a browser on any common PC.

Large area thermography

Vaireco GmbH brings thermography to the square kilometer scale. In contrast to an aerial survey, not only thermal ortho images are possible, but also entire cities as a 3D model - thermal and optical.

Großflächen Thermografie Stadtteil
Large Area Thermal
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