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To check roofs, PV systems or facades quickly and easily, an aerial survey using a multicopter and high-resolution camera is a good choice. The inspections carried out allow to identify and document damages, but also to create thermal images and measure dimensions.

Dachinspektion mittels Drohne

Roof inspection

Using aerial platforms, roof inspections can be carried out quickly and easily. Possible applications are:

- damage assessments

- area measurement

- thermography analysis

- moisture analysis

PV system inspection

Aerial surveillance enables a variety of inspection options quickly and easily:

- detection of electrical faults

- optical inspection
- site survey

Damage mapping

Our range of services includes 2D ortho facades and 2D views, including photo-realistic 3D models.


These provide a structured basis for your damage mapping. The data is made available in a browser-based, intuitive web platform and enables effective collaboration between all project participants.

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